Recipe: The easiest, most delicious homemade coffee creamer

If you love coffee, I’m with you.

If you LOVE coffee with creamer, I’m with YOU!

The flavors are endless in the grocery store’s dairy case, and the seasonal flavors make everyone excited when it’s that time of the year. Every summer I’m making a mad dash for coconut, and every winter I’m debating on something gingerbread-y or something peppermint-y to put in my coffee.

But have you ever paid attention to the ingredients in those bottles of creamer? They can contain things like high fructose corn syrup, and in one label on for a store brand I read it even said it could contain (gasp) anchovies!

Um, no fish in my coffee thanks.

Not to mention the preservatives and the price.

So one day I came across this recipe and gave it a try – and OH MY is it just fantastic. It’s so good that I will never go back to using store bought creamer at home again. So without further ado, try this 3 ingredient creamer in your coffee TODAY.


Homemade Coffee Creamer
1 Can sweetened condensed milk
2 Cups of your own milk of choice (I use rice milk)
6 Teaspoons of flavored syrup of choice


Mix and enjoy some right away! It stays fresh as long as your milk does.

I have given it as gifts and experimented with lot’s of syrup flavors. You can even mix and match your own flavors in.

MMMM, can you smell it now? Go treat yourself!



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