Recipe: Grilled banana splits

Well now we move on from Father’s Day right into the heat of summer. If you’re all about grilling in summer (who isn’t?) and want a killer impressive dessert to go along with your steaks, burgers, chicken, brats, kabobs, cowboy packets, vegetables – WHATEVER you’re grilling for dinner – then this you have got to try. Did I mention it is impressive to your guests?

Top these grilled banana splits with some ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, anything you want. But to start, you need:

Ripe bananas
Mini marshmallows
Hershey bars

Preheat your grill or just leave it on after you’ve grilled dinner, but shut off half the burners, because you want indirect heat for this..

Make a slit in the bananas from top to bottom, not all the way through. Run your finger along the inside loosening the skin from the fruit.

Stuff a couple chunks of chocolate on each side of the banana between the fruit and skin.

Then stuff marshmallows all over and on top of the banana.

Then place your bananas on the side of the grill that isn’t turned on, close the lid, and let sit for 15-20 minutes. When the skin of the banana is turning black, time to eat! Top with your toppings and enjoy the ooey gooey banana-chocolate-marshmallow goodness. Someone told me this was the best new dessert they’ve had in 10 years!

But I’ll let you decide…..


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