Recipe: Fried Green Tomato BLT

I don’t think anything could ever beat the classic BLT, and there’s a lot of twists and takes on them out there, and I guess I’m no different. The garden was literally over flowing with tomatoes at the end of last summer so I had to keep coming up with ways to use them all up. I personally had never had a fried green tomato before till I decided to make this the lunch special one day in the café, and was it EVER popular! I mean – it was fantastic.

I used thick cut turkey bacon, homemade buns, lettuce from the garden, and some Vegenaise mayo in addition to the fried green tomato.

If you have not stumbled in to the taste of a fried green tomato like I hadn’t, you’ve got to try it. Not sure how to do fried green tomatoes? Here ya go:

1. Slice some unripe green tomatoes in thick slices
2. Dip slices in seasoned flour (salt, pepper, garlic salt, cayenne)
3. Dip in an egg wash, then dip in flour again to get a good coating on there.
4. Heat up some olive oil in a skillet on med-high heat till the oil just starts to smoke, and then fry your tomato slices on each side till golden brown and crispy.
5. Drain on a paper towel and give them another sprinkle of salt.

Assemble! Eat! Do it again!


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