Recipe: homemade butter

Have you ever given any thought to making homemade butter? Did you know it is literally the easiest possible thing to make? Here I’ll show you just how easy it is: Homemade Butter 3 cups whipping cream 1 tsp salt Pour these into your food processor and let it go for about 10 minutes until…

Whipped chocolate ganache crepe cake

Last week happened to be my 31st birthday and I have been eyeing this dessert for more than a year, the whole idea completely intrigued me! I meant to make it last year for my 30th but turning 30 proved to be a difficult thing for me so I didn’t make it. Well this year…

Race car cake

Here’s a race car cake I made for a special birthday boy. You can order an 8″ cake for $25!

Angel food cake with ganache and a strawberry

I love muffin pans because they give you portion control. When I graduated culinary school my cousin gave me a square muffin pan and I love to use it from everything to mini meatloaf to…well this beautiful piece of angel food cake. Order a dozen of these individual desserts for $25.

RECIPE: carrot raisin muffins

I’ve been experimenting with muffins lately and have come to enjoy some flavor combinations that I normally don’t eat. I’ve recently made zucchini banana, oatmeal, and these carrot raisin and they are all so good! Muffins are a fantastic freezer cooking food because you usually make more than you want so you can freeze them…