Wheat Bread

Do you know the secret to soft spongy wheat bread? 

For those of you who have tried to make wheat bread and it turned out to dense, didn’t rise much, and well, not as tasty as white bread and so you give up – never fret again! You can have wheat bread that is just as soft as white bread without resulting to buying a loaf at the store. 

The answer is: wheat germ!

When you use whole wheat flour, it contains all 3 components the wheat has – most specifically the outer part which is the bran. Now bran does us all kinds of good because it’s fiber, but the bran and its fiberous nature is what makes the bread and other baked goods we try so desperately try to healthify really dense and sometimes tough. So I use wheat germ. It’s the soft inner part of the wheat that is just as healthy, but the germ does something wonderful when mixed with Unbleached wheat flour – it creates that soft texture we love so much. 


 And if you let your dough starter ferment for at least 4 hours before mixing your dough, then your bread will stay good on the countertop for a couple weeks. I guarantee it. If you don’t eat it all before then because it tastes so GOOD. 

So go find some wheat germ at your local health food store, or a place like the Mennonite store where I buy my baking supplies in bulk. Just add a few tablespoons to your flour mixture and that’s all you need for some delicious wheat bread. 


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